Moving to Patreon!

My WordPress subscription is coming to an end this week and so I started a Patreon account devoted to my writing on extreme weather events and abrupt climate change. I work and take care of family and so the research and analysis I do for my writings take a lot of my time. I feel the work is extremely important (and from the recent media attention, so do many others! See my recent interview with Mother Jones!) especially coming from the perspective of a meteorologist and wish to continue it. However, I need your support! My first post is public and discusses a potential extreme heat event on the Southern Plains and Midwest later in the week into the weekend. Please check it out and give your support! (any subscription is month to month 🙂 ).


Author: Meteorologist Nick Humphrey

Meteorologist and geoscientist in Lincoln, NE. Seattle, WA native. Love weather, storm chasing/photography and planetary science.

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